Poster Marcello Mastroianni, Sistina Theatre 1966


Photo by Marcello Geppetti.

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Poster of Marcello Mastroianni during a performance at Sistina Theatre in Rome. It is a color illustration based on a photo by Marcello Geppetti.

Marcello Mastroianni interprets the part of Rodolfo Valentino in the commedy by Garinei and Giovannini.

The most popular Italian actor of the time, both in Italy and abroad, was the best choice to play the Italian star of silent movies.

Mastroianni accepted with enthusiasm and was very successful in that role, showing not only his acting skills, but also his skills as a dancer and a singer (the music was by the great Armando Trovajoli).

The premiere of the show was held at the Sistina Theatre in Rome on January 7, 1966. The show run for several nights and was sold out in all the biggest Italian theatres; then, despite the many offers to bring the show to the United States, Mastroianni broke the contract to work on Federico Fellini’s film Il viaggio di G. Mastorna detto Fernet, which was left unfinished.



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