Poster of Giorgio Chinaglia Roma-Lazio, 1974


Photo by Marcello Geppetti.


The poster reproduces a photo of Marcello Geppetti. It represents Giorgio Chinaglia during the Rome-Lazio derby on March 31, 1974.

On March 31, 1974 Marcello Geppetti took one of the most beautiful photos ever in the history of sport. During the football match between Rome and Lazio, the “derby” of the capital, the striker of Lazio, Giorgio Chinaglia, after having scored the penalty that will lead the oldest football club in the city, he throws the ball against the opposing supporters and points with his finger, in a gesture of defiance, the hottest part of the supporters of the AS Rome.

Lazio, coached by Tommaso Maestrelli from 1971 to 1976, was a beautiful tale in the history of football, not only in Italy, but also internationally. The coach from Pisa, with a handful of young players, who later will become absolute champions, will lead the Roman club from Serie B to victory in the Italian football championship in the 1973-1974 season.

That day Lazio won the match with Roma and the victory paved the way for the championship a little more than a month later and Giorgio Chinaglia will win the title of top scorer with 24 goals.


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Marcello Geppetti